A New Type of Gym Hits Tallahassee

No mirrors. No machines. No matching outfits on weekend warriors more interested in picking up dates than weights. Tallahassee Strength Club is a gym dedicated to men and women who care about building real, functional strength—not just looking “swole” at the beach. If this sounds like you, chalk up and check out the best place in town to get the gains you’re looking for.

We’ve Grown. Join Us, and You Will Too

Started by trainers and patrons of the award-winning Bootcamp Fitness & Training, Tallahassee Strength Club was conceived last year. Now, with membership continuing to grow, it moves into its own space right next door. Here, serious lifters can sweat, slam weights and stretch their limits among like-minded souls without worrying about intimidating mere mortals on their elipticals. So if you’re looking to build muscle in a big way, you now have a place to call home.